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Grenache is one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world, believed to have originated in Spain. This thin-skinned grape requires hot and dry growing conditions as the fruit ripens late and benefits from its tolerance to heat and drought. The Grenache red wine being most versatile varietal is also amongst the most widely distributed grape varieties across the globe. Its bouquet exhibit strawberry and citrus aromas while the palate is soft and medium-bodied displaying flavours of black cherry, strawberry and raspberry along with cinnamon, citrus rind, anise and tobacco undertones. Subtle oak hints support these flavours, leading up to crisp and moderately acidic finish. The spicy notes in Grenache wine match perfectly with foods like roasted meats, ethnic foods and vegetables.

This varietal is also widely used in creating the world-famous GSM red wine blend. Buy the best Grenache wines from brands with a global reputation. At Just Wines, all these premium bottles are available at discounted prices. Order now and you’ll never regret!