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Oakridge Wines

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Oakridge Wines has been capturing the spirit of the Yarra Valley for more than three decades. Established near Seville in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, Oakridge Wines began as a family company. A pioneer of the Upper Yarra Valley, Oakridge recognised the potential for making great wine on the rich, red, volcanic soils of the sub-region. The turn of the century saw Oakridge move to its location in Coldstream, and become a part of one of Australia’s larger wine companies. In recent times, Oakridge once again returned to family ownership. Each bottle of Oakridge wine holds a memory, each has a unique story that starts in one of our vineyards and ends when you enjoy it. Our wines are fresh with a purity of flavour and balance. As young wines they are almost seamless- nothing appears out of place. You simply yearn for another glass. With age, our wines retain their freshness and purity but build additional layers of complexity and palate length. You enjoy the lingering taste of our wines long after others have dropped away.