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Shottesbrooke Wines

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Shotterbrooke is a 5-star rated family-run winery owned by Nick Holmes and managed by Hamish Maguire. From the ground up, the journey of Shottesbrooke began in 1981 when the founder, Nick, planted his very first vineyard outside the South Australian hamlet of Mypongahas. The quality of the fruit produced on these vines rose his passion for crafting some of the best wines of the McLaren Vale region. Today, situated at McLaren Flat, the Shottesbrooke winery produces a range of high quality wines with fruits sourced from their estate-owned as well as managed vineyards in the premium winegrowing regions of McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. The winery crushes approximately 1,200 tonnes annually and has a huge storage capacity of almost 1 million litres.