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Opening a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

How to open a bottle of champagne

Everyone at some point of time must have got fascinated by the popping open of a sparkling wine bottle. If this is how you open your bubbly then you’re doing it all wrong! A high pressure inside the bottle makes your wine overflow. It also takes away all the bubbles (carbon dioxide) from your bubbly […]


Champagne vs. Prosecco: Top 3 Differences

Australia makes some really amazing sparkling wine. (This includes sparkling red wine, notably, Sparkling Shiraz, which is all-in-all an Aussie style!) You will find sparkling wine on the portfolio of every winery, made with different grapes and using different methods. In fact, before still wine got popular in our country, much of the wine produced was […]


Back When Sparkling Wines Were A Problem, Not A Treat

sparkling wines

Sparkling wines today are in a league of their own. Yet, it is impossible to trace back in time who made the first bubbly. The presence of fizz in wine has been observed throughout the history and documented by writers in Ancient Greece & Rome. Back then, effervescence was considered a wine fault, rather than […]