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5 Cocktail Making Tips for the Amateur Bartender in you

Cocktail Making Tips

Our readers would know that here, on the Just Wines blog, we have been sharing with them some delightful cocktail recipes. These range from a warming Mulled Wine for comforting you on foggy winter evenings, to an intense Star Gazer so that socialising at your next party is more fun! After all, there are so […]


A Wine Cocktail Recipe for your next Party’s Menu

Star Gazer Wine Cocktail Recipes

Ponder over it, and you would realise that wine is perhaps the most versatile of all alcoholic drinks. You can pair it with meals, it is also delightful on its own when you want to relax after work, and it makes for a great cocktail base! We have featured some amazing wine cocktail recipes on […]


4 Wine and Food Pairings for Newbies

food and wine pairings for newbies

Wine and food pairing can be a daunting task, especially for someone who has little or no experience in this domain. Today, for the convenience of our readers, we will discuss four of our top favourite food and wine pairings for newbies. We are going to match the top four most consumed wines in Australia […]