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Champagne vs. Prosecco: Top 3 Differences

Australia makes some really amazing sparkling wine. (This includes sparkling red wine, notably, Sparkling Shiraz, which is all-in-all an Aussie style!) You will find sparkling wine on the portfolio of every winery, made with different grapes and using different methods. In fact, before still wine got popular in our country, much of the wine produced was […]


Malolactic Fermentation Decoded For The Layperson

Malolactic Fermentation

If you are a wine lover, you would have come across the term malolactic fermentation (MLF) at some time. That time could be going through the tasting notes of a sparkling wine or researching a ‘buttery’ Chardonnay. Let’s discuss the malolactic fermentation process and its role in winemaking, without getting too much into the technicality […]


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – When It’s All About Saying ‘Cheers to Mom’

mothers day wine gifts

It's that time of the year again when we get to show just how much we love our moms. The internet is already flooded with all kinds of Mother’s Day gift ideas. Yet, you are still reading this because you want to do something even better, something that’s worth cherishing for a long time. And […]