Red Wine Sorbet For The Festive Season

Red Wine Popsicles

Happiness on a stick! Fruity red wine is combined with fresh grape juice, zingy lemon juice and sugar (It’s a sweet treat after all!). It’s then churned in an ice cream machine and frozen in ice popsicle moulds/ shallow pan to a refreshing goodness! Like all our recipes, please note that this is a basic recipe, to give a gist of ingredients, their proportions and method. Feel free to make changes – you can substitute the grapes with half a cup of fresh raspberries for a red wine and raspberry sorbet, or a whole cup of cranberries for a cranberry red wine sorbet. (In case of cranberries, they will need to be cooked in some water, with sugar, until soft and pulpy.)

¾ cup/175ml fruit-forward red wine – we recommend Malbec or Zinfandel

45g grapes

45ml fresh lemon juice

45g caster/ superfine sugar


  1. Prepare your ice cream maker, as per manufacturer’s instructions. (Some ice cream makers need to be chilled in the freezer, prior to usage.)

  2. Blend the grapes to a smooth purée in a mixer grinder. Extract juice from these puréed grapes using a strainer and piece of muslin cloth. Place the strainer over a bowl and cover it with the muslin. Pour the purée over the cloth, letting grape juice to slowly drip into the bowl.

  3. Now to make the sorbet, combine the lemon juice and the caster sugar in a bowl. The sugar should readily dissolve in the acidity of the lemon. Use a wire whisk for stirring. Then, pour in the filtered grape juice, fruity red wine and 45 ml cold water. Mix.

  4. Churn this sorbet mixture in the ice cream maker for 10 minutes. Then, pour it into popsicle moulds and freeze until firm, or into a shallow pan for sorbet. Demould/ scoop into bowls and serve immediately.

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