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Top 5 Red Wine Varietals and Regions Where These are Best Grown

Red Wine Regions

Australian red wines have made a mark on the international platform for their exquisite quality and distinct flavours. This mini-continent is blessed with red wine in almost every conceivable style, hailing from different wine regions that are diverse in every aspect. Each wine region of Australia is famous for producing a particular variety which captures […]


Australian Grenache Wines – The New Attention Grabber

Australian Grenache Wines

The story of Australian Grenache Wines seems like a movie plot. There's a good beginning, followed by twists and turns, there's a climax and finally a happy ending, which is still going on. Grenache is one of the original varieties imported to Australia in 1832 by James Busby. Many vineyard sites, especially those based in […]


Taylors Jaraman Shiraz 2014 – Most Awarded Wine of 2017

Jaraman Shiraz 2014

The World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists (WAWWJ) recently compiled their annual list – the World Ranking of Wines & Spirits. This list aims to shed light on how many awards an individual wine or winery has received throughout the year. This incorporates data and statistics from the top 80 international wine shows and […]