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De Bortoli Wines to be First Zero-Waste Winery of Australia

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One of the biggest winemakers of Australia, De Bortoli, is slated to become the first Australian wine company to reduce waste levels to zero from its wineries. As a part of its ambitious Carbon Economy Project, it invested $15 million and covered all its wineries spread to 4 locations and in two states. With this […]


De Bortoli La Boheme WIne Range

De Bortoli’s La Boheme range is named after Yarra’s Valley’s famous opera artist Dame Nellie Melba’s brilliant performance in ‘La Boheme’.  ‘La Boheme’ was a very well known opera and this wine range is a tribute to Dame Nellie Melba’s work in it. The range has some amazingly fascinating wines. Two of these most loved […]


De Bortoli Sacred Hill Shiraz – Minty, Crimson and Elegant

The renowned De Bortoli winery is proud to present another elegant range of exuberant wines in the form of Sacred Hill series. This collection features outstanding – quality wines that aptly reflect the richness and elegance of modern Australian winemaking techniques. The winery is located on a rocky outcrop on the rolling hill terrains, where […]