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Dry Red Wines


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Red wines, as the name suggests, are produced using red grape varieties. These beauties attain their lovely colour from the grape skin which also imparts tannins adding complexity and length to the palate. Tannins also make red wine a good candidate for aging. From sweet to dry red wines or even sparkling, these are loved and enjoyed by people around the world. What makes them more popular is how it allows a winemaker to experiment and produce different styles. While some may oak age the wine, others can choose to produce a young and vibrant red, and likewise it can be crafted in light or even full-bodied style. This, however, also depends on the grape variety used, as one would never find a light-bodied Cab Sav or Shiraz. These two showcase generally complex flavours and are medium- to full-bodied. While Pinot Noir or Merlot generally offer an easy-drinking profile, pairing with a variety of food including both red and white meat.

Here we have for you a range of dry red wines. Sourced from premium brands and wine regions, our huge collection is sure to please you. Pick your fav before it runs out of stock!