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Sangiovese, a red wine grape variety, it derives its name from the Latin word ‘sanguis Jovis’, that refers to “the blood of Jove”. Sangiovese originated in Italy and is the most widely planted grape variety of the nation, however, can be scarcely found outside Italy. The one that shows a high acidic content, and smooth, firm tannins are considered to be the best Sangiovese wine. This variety has an amazing feature similar to a chameleon – it has the ability to alter its genetics as required to thrive in the surroundings. The Sangiovese wine profile contains flavours of tart cherry, fig, strawberry and red plum. Additional flavours include smoke, thyme, dried roses, leather, clay, roasted pepper, oregano and brick, altogether leading up to a dry, acidic finish. This savoury wine tastes delicious when served with dishes like roasted meat, hard cheeses, cured sausages, and braised or roasted vegetables.


In Australia, region’s like Riverland, Hunter Valley, McLaren Vale and King Valley are considered to be some of the best Sangiovese wine producers. Our premium collection of Sangiovese wines is sure to please you with its reasonable prices!