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Shiraz, also known as Syrah, are dark-skinned grapes used for producing red wines. It is the flagship grape variety of Australia and thus is most widely planted in the country’s famous wine regions. This varietal flaunts a rich colour, darker than Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Australian Shiraz red wine style is generally a full-bodied wine with medium acidity and mouth-drying tannins. These are intensely flavoured with bright fruits like blackcurrants, black cherries and blueberries that lead to a clean and long finish with a peppery and spicy aftertaste. A premium bottle may often show notes of smoke, allspice, olive, pepper, clove, liquorice, cured meat, herbs, tobacco and vanilla.  Pair a top Shiraz wine with cheeseburgers, peppery BBQ or spiced meats for a soul-satisfying experience.


Australian Shiraz Wine Brands 

Over the years, some of the country’s best Shiraz wine producing brands have garnered a global reputation. Our collection includes wines from some of the premium brands like McWilliam’s, Jacob’s Creek, Cooks Lot and Tyrrell’s, highly-rated by wine critics. Buy Shiraz wine online and enjoy with your friends, family and co-workers!