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A native grape variety of Spain, Tempranillo is a red wine, usually produced as full-bodied. Its name originates from the Spanish term ‘temprano’ that means “early”, referring to the early-ripening quality of this variety. Tempranillo wines are considered to be the backbone of the finest reds hailing from Portugal and Spain. The berries are thick-skinned and have an intensely-deep colour because of the high levels of anthocyanin present in them. Tempranillo works well with American oak, and oak ageing in new barrels, allowing it to develop notes of vanilla and coconut. Fresh flavours of plum, tomato and cherry fill up the palate along with rich notes of tobacco, clove, vanilla and leather. These wines taste especially delicious when coupled with food items like lasagna, grits, polenta, corn dishes, pizzas, tomato sauces, nachos, burritos, tacos, roasted vegetables and cured meats. In the country, Adelaide Hills, Heathcote, Margaret River and McLaren Vale are some of the best Tempranillo wine producing regions.

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