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Adelaide got registered as an Australian Geographical Indication in December 1996. Considered as the Super Wine Zone located in South Australia, Adelaide is actually a group of adjoining zones. The zone comprises of the entire Barossa, Mount Lofty Ranges and Fleurieu zones. The Geographical Indication 'Adelaide' also includes entire Kangaroo Island located immediately adjacent to the described area. The whole zone is surrounded by the St. Vincent Gulf on the West and the Southern Ocean on its south. The zone has many of Australia’s most famous wine regions. The climate of Adelaide super wine zone is very diverse; from frosty Adelaide Hills and the cold, windswept Kangaroo Island to the baking Adelaide Plains. This super zone was introduced to allow winemakers of South Australia to blend the wines from quality zones and simply mark them as 'Adelaide'. That is why some wineries located within the area simply label their wine blends as 'Adelaide'.