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Broke Fordwich

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The Broke Fordwich subregion is a part of Hunter Valley wine region, located in New South Wales. It covers communities of Broke, Fordwich, Bulga and Milbrodale and is known for having some of the oldest vines of Hunter Valley that were planted way back in 1924. Accounting for around 14% of Hunter Valley's plantings, most of the Broke Fordwich vineyards produce Chardonnay, Semillon, Shiraz, Pinot noir, Verdelho and Merlot grape varieties. The soil pattern which supports in producing exquisite Broke Fordwich wines is mainly volcanic red clay, free-draining alluvial soils, and sandy loam. The subregion experiences lower rainfall and high diurnal temperature variation, making it one of the warmest areas in the Lower Hunter region. Broke Fordwich was officially granted the sub-region status of the Hunter Valley in September 1997.