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A part of the Hunter Valley, Pokolbin got the Australian Geographical Indication in 2010. The Pokolbin grapes are particularly considered as a Lower Hunter Valley variety. Surrounded by Black Creek in the east and Pokolbin State Forest in the west, the area includes numerous wineries, ranging from large multinational and established names to smaller family run operations. Drayton, Lindeman's, Tulloch, Lake's Folly, Tyrrell's, Don Francois, Allandale, Petersons and Bimbadgen are some of the established wineries based in the Pokolbin subregion. Most of the Pokolbin wines are made from Shiraz and Sémillon grape varieties, taking Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir to the secondary plot.

When it comes to climate, Pokolbin experiences hot summers with afternoon sea breezes and frosty, freezing winters. The region has a rich red volcanic soil and sandy loam which benefits most of the white grape varieties.