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Home to more than a dozen vineyards, Beechworth is a small wine producing region in the North East Victoria zone. A total of 100 hectares of land is covered under vineyards tended by wine growing families with a passion for making some of the best artisanal wines. Gold found in 1852 around the town of Beechworth brought prosperity to this Victorian wine producing region. This altitude influenced area majors in Chardonnay, Shiraz and Pinot Noir grape varieties. Despite fewer water resources, the region receives a good rainfall of 370-550mm. This amount of rainfall provides enough water to the vines in the growing season. The Chardonnay produced here is intense and complex with weight and texture. Beechworth Pinot Noir wines are medium-bodied, finely structured and have classic cherry flavours. Whereas, Shiraz wines from this region are earthy and spicy with raspberry fruit and distinct savoury notes. Soils here are old sandstone and gravel over clay along with granitic topsoils over clay obtained from volcanic deposits.