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The Pinot Noir grape variety is a member of the Vitis Vinifera grape species. Name for this wine has been derived from the French language, according to which Pinot means ‘pine’ and Noir refers to ‘black’ – with ‘pine’ indicting towards tightly-clustered bunches of the fruit that are shaped like pine cones. Although the variety originated in Burgundy, it is now grown all over the world. Australian Pinot Noir grapes exhibit lovely fragrances of cherry and strawberry which are supported by complex hints of undergrowth. Strong Pinot Noir from warmer climate regions can also give off violet and leather aromas. It has a  medium-bodied palate consisting of fresh fruit flavours like cranberry, raspberry and cherry, that are entwined with cola, caramel, liquorice, vanilla, clove, tobacco or mushroom notes. Pair the wine with mushroom risottos, white pizzas or wild mushrooms to enjoy a perfect wine and food pairing.

One of the best red wines in Australia, Pinot Noir is widely grown in the country’s Yarra Valley wine region. Buy online from a range of premium red wines, all of which are here available at discounted prices.

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