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Red Wine Vs White Wine – A Beginner’s Guide

Red Wine Vs White Wine

Are you new to wine and curious to know about it in detail? Which wine would you prefer? Red or White? It can get quite confusing without the right facts. Our intent is to provide you with all the facts pertaining to red wine and white wine. Grab a cup of coffee because your doubts […]

Wine Regions Australia

Currency Creek: Producing World-Class Reds & Whites

Currency Creek: Producing Export-Quality Wines

One of the premium wine producing regions of South Australia, Currency Creek occupies the eastern region of Fleurieu Peninsula. Sharing its borders with Lake Alexandrian and Port Elliot (A coastal village), it’s true bliss to spot Southern Right Whales from a cruise. You may simply enjoy the lakeside setting or witness the bird species at the […]

Wine Information

A Guide to the First Step in Winemaking – Wine Must

First Step in Winemaking

Who doesn't love wines? Specially red wines hold an important place in every serious wine lover’s heart. But little do we know what goes into making these beauties. Have you ever wondered from where does the red wine gets its beautiful hues? Of course, it is the grape, but did you know that even white wines […]