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Wine Facts

Oz Wine Facts – Marsanne

Marsanne Wine Facts

Marsanne is a white wine grape variety most prominently active in the Northern Rhone wine region of France. This grape is planted most widely in the Hermitage AOC, often blended with another grape variety – Roussanne. This blanc hued grape was first planted in Australia during the 1860s, in Victoria. Below are statistics that detail […]

Wine and Food

This Meat Lasagna Recipe Is Fit For The Gods

Meat Lasagna

A rich beef & sausage meat sauce is made by first browning them with garlic & onion, then slowly simmering with store-bought pasta sauce, juicy Italian tomatoes, flavourful herbs, and of course, a generous splash of dry red wine! Layered with lasagna and a trio of cheese – stringy mozzarella, strong Parmesan & creamy cottage […]

Wine Information

Suitable Drinking Temperatures for Red & White Wines

Why we should put red wines in the fridge and take white wines out

It is a generally accepted rule of thumb that white wines are stored at cold temperatures prior to consumption, while red wines are consumed at room temperature. Today, we are here to bust this myth, since this logic doesn’t sit well with all wines. The temperature of a wine can greatly affect what a wine […]


About Just Wines

The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

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