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Australian wine

Aussie Wine Reputation Grows as Export Value Goes Up

Aussie wine exports

Aussie wines are currently on a roll! In the past three years, the Australian wine industry has seen a consistent rise. The Wine Australia Export Report was released last week, announcing to the world that in the last financial year, wine exports went up by about 10% to $2.31 billion. Wine producers and merchants alike […]

Wine and Food

Pairing Noble Rot Wines with Food


Wines produced using Noble Rot are labelled as Late Harvest wines. Noble Rot, also known as Botrytis cinerea is a fungus that, as the name suggests, ‘rots' wine grapes. To be more specific, it doesn't just decay grapes – other fruits, vegetables and flowers too. However, with wine grapes, the fungus makes them sweeter, while […]

Maranaga Wine Show Wine Events Australia

Marananga Wine Show – Showcasing Western Barossa to the World

Barossa is probably the most beloved Aussie wine region around the world. The iconic palm avenue on Seppeltsfield Road that sweeps through the vineyards of the western Barossa wine region passes through the beautiful villages of Seppeltsfield and Marananga. This picturesque and revered wine district is home to various wine brands like Seppeltsfield, Greenock Creek Wines, […]


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The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

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