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Wine Regions Australia

Coonawarra: A Journey to the Land of Rich Vineyards

Coonawarra: Home to World's Best Cabernet Sauvignon

A four hour drive from South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, is all worth if it lands you to this picturesque Coonawarra wine region. Located in northern Penola, the small town of Coonawarra is full of big surprises for a wine aficionado. The magnificent vineyards accompanied by stone buildings at farm, splendid gum trees and the […]

Wine Regions Australia

Yarra Valley Wine Region: A Wine Lover’s Paradise

Yarra Valley: Victoria's First Wine Region

A perfect escapade for every wine lover, the renowned Yarra Valley wine region is known for its outstanding cool climate wines in the country. Located 45 km to the east of Melbourne’s CBD, it’s bordered by Kinglake, Gembrook, Whittlesea and Mount Gregory from four sides. With its unique location and geology, the region is no […]

Wine Regions Australia

Murray Darling: Australia’s Second Largest Wine Region

Murray Darling A Paradise for Chardonnay Lovers

Murray Darling, the name in itself has a lot to say about the vibrant place. Formed by the confluence of two rivers – Murray and Darling, the region comes under the famous Big River zone of New South Wale (also spilling over in South Australia) making for the second largest wine region of Australia. Apart […]