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Sparkling Wines Wines

Champagne vs. Prosecco: Top 3 Differences

Australia makes some really amazing sparkling wine. (This includes sparkling red wine, notably, Sparkling Shiraz, which is all-in-all an Aussie style!) You will find sparkling wine on the portfolio of every winery, made with different grapes and using different methods. In fact, before still wine got popular in our country, much of the wine produced was […]

Grenache Wines

Australian Grenache Wines – The New Attention Grabber

Australian Grenache Wines

The story of Australian Grenache Wines seems like a movie plot. There's a good beginning, followed by twists and turns, there's a climax and finally a happy ending, which is still going on. Grenache is one of the original varieties imported to Australia in 1832 by James Busby. Many vineyard sites, especially those based in […]

White Wines

White Wines and their Cellaring Potential

White Wine Cellar Potential

In our previous blog, we had discussed the cellaring potential of red wines. This time, we will throw some light on the white wines and their cellar potential. While red wines are known for their great cellaring potential most of the white wines are meant to be consumed within 1 or 2 years of their […]


About Just Wines

The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

This season, the Just Wines blog will showcase a series of historic posts from the Australia's Wine Industry.