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Non Alcoholic Wines (0% Alcohol)

The enchanting world of wines is not restricted to alcoholic wines. There’s a wide variety of non-alcoholic wines too. The process of making non-alcoholic wines starts similarly as it does with alcoholic wines.

The alcohol is later removed from the wines to make them non-alcoholic. This process is done with highly technical methods leaving less than 0.05% alcohol behind which is compared to nothing.

While making a non-alcoholic wine, the components undergo deconstruction keeping the flavours and characteristics intact and then built back together without the alcohol. It is a complex process but the end result is a tasty non-alcoholic drink that gives the same mouthfeel as regular wine.

The lengthy process of construction-deconstruction-construction has restricted the production of non-alcoholic wines in comparison to alcoholic wines. However, there are some wineries that produce the best non-alcoholic wines in Australia.

These zero alcohol wines are available as non-alcoholic red wines and non-alcoholic sparkling wines. You have to decide on your wine type and shop online for easy home delivery.

The biggest advantage of non-alcoholic wines over alcoholic wines is fewer calories.

Any alcoholic drink will have calories which is not the case in these wines which underwent a dealcoholization process.

Isn't that exciting to get a healthy version of your favourite drink with no change in taste, smell, looks and feel. Non-alcoholic wines are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They give you more energy and better sleep with no regrets.

Why don't you give them a try?

Non Alcoholic Wines

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