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One of the most widely grown and known grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon is harvested in almost all wine regions across the globe. It had come to being the royal grape variety until it was surpassed by Merlot grapes. Usually, Cabernet Sauvignon wines show deep colours, good tannins and moderate acidic levels. Aromas of tomato leaf, cedarwood, blackcurrant and dark spices are offered by the bouquet. A great advantage of this grape variety is that it can adapt itself to any type of land and no matter the terroir, the wine could always retain its ‘Cab’ character. Cabernet grapes always mature slowly as it is a late flowering and late ripening variety. Mushroom pizzas with tomato sauce, charred Gruyere burgers, marinated rib-eye, braised short ribs and mushroom stroganoff dishes are some great food pairings with Cab Sav.

A must-try for all red wine lovers, this varietal is a best-buy for all occasions. You may browse our huge collection of reds, that includes wines produced by some world-renowned brands at reasonable prices.