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In recent years, Shiraz Cabernet wines have become a specialty of the Australian wine industry. Although both Syrah (as Shiraz is called in France) and Cabernet Sauvignon are renowned French grape varieties, the appellation law in France does not allow the blending together of these two varieties. The New World is free of all these stylistic constraints, allowing winemakers to experiment with all kinds of grape varieties the way they want. The Shiraz Cabernet blend was born in Australia when Penfolds’ Max Schubert crafted his iconic Bin 60A during the mid-20th century.

Bordeaux Valley is notably regarded for the remarkable quality of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes it produces, while Shiraz grows best on the steep and windy slopes of the Rhone Valley region. Both these fruit driven and rich grape varieties fuse together to form complex and full-bodied red wines that have won hearts all over the world! The two are often blended with Merlot as well to create Cabernet Shiraz Merlot - a classic Bordeaux-style blend.

During the 1970s, this unique blend became quite popular in the Australian wine market. Gradually, as more fashionable grape varieties like Viognier and Grenache emerged as blending partners for Shiraz, the Shiraz Cabernet wine experienced a downfall in sales. But in recent years, the blend has resurfaced and is rapidly making its way to the initial fame it experienced, appropriately being dubbed the ‘Great Australian Red Blend’.

Although Shiraz Cabernet pairing might not have been immediately obvious to winemakers, these two varieties actually make for the perfect partners for each other. The depth, structure and complexity that is characteristic to the Cabernet Sauvignon variety gets balanced and brightened up by the ripe, velvety and exciting infusion of Shiraz grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon is often criticized for lacking in its mid-palate, commonly referred to as the doughnut effect. This is where Shiraz saves the day! Australian Shiraz grapes are known for their ripe and jammy fruit flavours that fill up throughout the wine and provide intense, rich and lively fruit flavours of exceptional quality and finesse. Oak maturation is often employed for these blends to enhance the spiciness and complexity of the resultant wine. The best food matches for these exquisite Shiraz Cabernet blends include beef teriyaki, field mushrooms with grilled parmesan, and roasted lamb rack served with garlic and rosemary. Buy Shiraz Cabernet wines online from Just Wines to choose from a range of marvellous wines hailing from the best of Australian wineries (like the award-winning Jacob’s creek Shiraz cabernet) and regions.