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Founded in 1985 in the plush wine regions of Western Australia, the Amberley Estate produced its first vintage wine in the year 1990. Acclaimed winemaker, Lance Parkin supervises and coordinates the production and management of all wines, and the winery has been manufacturing sophisticated and award-winning wines under his guidance and expertise. The grapes are grown and nurtured under the warmth of the Western Australian Sun, and alternatively cooled down by the refreshing ocean breeze that keeps blowing in the region. The fruit thus produced has intense colours, mesmerizing aromas and delicious fruity flavours. The Amberley Estate believes in the philosophy that all great wines start in the vineyard itself. Thus, they take special care to hone and cultivate the grapevines to meet the standards and expectations of their customers. Amberley wines display strong fruit flavours while retaining the regional characters of the fruit.