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Trentham Estate Wines

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<p style="text-align:justify;">The history of Trentham Estate dates back to 1909 when the Murphy family came to Australia from Ireland and began viticulture. In 1960, the Murphy family, headed by Jack and Moya Murphy moved to Trentham Cliffs and developed their farm here. This farm was planted with citrus fruits, vegetables and grapes. The grapes vines did exceedingly well in the rich loamy soils of the region. The Murphy’s produced their first vintage in 1984 with a mere 6 tonne of grapes. Gradually Jack imparted his skills and knowledge to his sons, Anthony and Patrick who are responsible for establishing the winery, cellar door and restaurant at the Trentham Estate. The estate gradually grew and today has 45 hectares of vineyards under it. It has a state of art winery, crushing 5000 tonnes of grapes each vintage. <strong>Trentham Wines</strong> are known for their excellence, true varietal characters and rich flavours. No wonder, they have quite a few awards and accolades to their claim.</p>