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Sweet Red Wines

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Best Sweet Red Wines in Australia

On the basis of residual sugar wines can be categorised as dry, semi-dry and sweet. Quite uncommon for red varieties (As these are generally produced in a dry style), sweet red wines also enjoy an audience of their own. The sweetness in wine depends upon the winemaking process and the time of harvest. Based on the above factors, sweet red wines in Australia can be categorised as sparkling, late-harvest and with residual sugar over 35g/L.

Wile Italy is famous for Lambrusco, Australia has earned a reputation for its red sparkling wines all around the world. Perfect for summers, these bubblies showcase ripe & rich fruit flavours supported by a lovely sweetness. Another sweet red wine type is the late harvest, called so as it literally involves harvesting the grapes late, until it reaches the peak of ripeness. The last category, as aforementioned, requires the winemaker to stop the fermentation process in between so that not all sugar present in the grape juice is converted into alcohol.

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