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Preservatives have been used for decades now to increase the shelf life of wines & prevent its spoilage from oxygen. However, with a growing trend for natural products, winemakers have started producing wines without the addition of sulphur dioxide (The commonly-used preservative). It doesn’t mean that your drink will get spoiled quickly. This is because wines contain natural preservative, the amount of which might vary on the basis of grape variety and winemaking process.

Preservative-Free Red Wine

Red wines contain natural preservatives, obtained from tannins and the colour pigment. As a result, even when preserved, a lesser addition of sulphur dioxide would be required. In a preservative-free red wine, the winemaker would completely give up on this step, however, the wine may still contain the naturally occurring preservatives, the amount of it being close to negligible.

Preservative-Free White Wine

As opposed to the red varieties, white wines are not fermented on skin and hence, it would not have natural preservatives. The result being an increased amount of sulphur dioxide addition by the winemaker. So if we compare a red and white wine with ‘Code 220’ on its label, chances are that the white wine would have more sulfites. So it’s always a great option to go for a preservative-free white wine!

Organic Preservative Free Wine

There are great chances of confusing organic & preservative-free wines by the buyers. Breaking the bubble, organic wines do contain preservatives, however the quantity would be less. Organic wines generally contain 50% less sulphur dioxide than a commercial one.

Looking for sulphite-free wines, people often opt for European labels not realising that wines produced in Europe follow a different labelling law. As per the Australian laws, it’s mandatory to mention allergens (like preservatives) and processing aids, while one may not find such provisions in the former continent. Struggling to find one for yourself? Choose your favourite drops from our collection of preservative-free red, white and organic wines we’re sure you´d love!