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Vegan wines are the ones which don’t use any animal-derived product as a ‘fining agent’. In general, fining agents are used to remove cloudiness, yeast, protein and other particles. These agents could be milk protein-casein, fish oil, gelatin, egg albumen, or chitin. Fining agents do not form an ingredient of the wines but are nevertheless used in normal wines for ‘fining’ them. However, Vegan wines don’t use these animal-derived products at all. On the contrary, non-animal products, such as limestone, clay, silica gel and some others are used to do the job. These wines are gaining popularity in Australia, especially among people who do not want any animal ingredient to be used in their wines.

We feature a range of these wines on our online store. You can check for the brands that make vegan wines and buy the one of your choice online.