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Considered as one of Victoria's most historic wine regions Glenrowan started its wine production in 1870. The first vines were planted here in 1866 by Varley Bailey on rich red granite soil beneath Warby Ranges. Owing to the huge success of his fortified wines, Varley quickly expanded the vineyard and created a thriving local and export wine business in the next two decades. The region has a similar climate as in Rutherglen, with cooler temperatures in January and rains all year round. The deep red clays, loamy clay and silty sand soils are quite fertile and perfectly suited to vineyards and orchards. Shiraz is the main wine produced in the region, along with delightful dessert and fortified wines made from Muscats and Tokays. The sheer power of Glenrowan’s fortified wine styles and earthy berry-flavoured Shiraz reds are admired by wine critics around the world.