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Chrismont Wines

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  1. Chrismont Riesling 2021 King Valley - 12 Bottles
    Chrismont Riesling 2021 King Valley - 12 Bottles
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The Chrismont Wines Estate was founded in the year 1980, with a heritage of two generations of winemaking and viticulture in the beautiful King Valley in the Victoria wine region. The Italian traditions and wine cultures are reflected in the sophisticated and graceful Chrismont wines. Their story began when farmer Arnold Pizzini immigrated to Australia in the year 1953 after the Second World War came to an end. He settled in King Valley where the tobacco industry was already blooming. After working hard in the fields, he secured his own piece of land on the upper reaches of King Valley where he and his son Arnie worked together to manage the largest tobacco produce in the region at the time. But in the 1960s, they planted grape seeds on their farmlands and converted their land into a vineyard. Later, Arnie ventured further into the business by producing table wines under the Chrismont label, after which the estate has known raging success!