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Kooyong Wines

Kooyong Wines is a small winery hailing from the Port Philip Estate. The winery strives to grow and cultivate the highest quality of fruit that can express the terrier of the vineyard where it is grown. The philosophy that Kooyong follows is that a soil and vineyard biota should be established such that balanced vine sustainability can be maintained in the environment. Kooyong has employed a biological farming system based upon the intricate principles of permaculture and agro - ecology. This innovative farming technique focuses on improving the biology of the soil with the help of mulch, compost teas; estate produced compost and various other plant and natural soil conditioners. The use of methods like aeration, tillage and cover crops is highly recommended so as to build and maintain the health as well as the nutrients of the soil. The vineyards owned by Kooyong Wines are crop - thinned, shoot - positioned and thinned and hand - pruned.

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