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Established in 1976, Petaluma has unlocked the great potential of Riesling from the Hanlin Hill Vineyard in Clare, pioneered the Piccadilly Valley and Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills and cemented the pedigree of the Evans Vineyard in Coonawarra, South Australia. With intuitive handling from the first hand pick in the vineyard, the Petaluma team adhere to fastidious winemaking standards while responding to what the vintage offers up. No pre-determined formula: just over 35 years of experience, careful winemaking and a deep understanding of Petaluma's great vineyards. Petaluma's pioneering spirit has seen vineyards sites in untested regions such as the Adelaide Hills considered, selected and planted. The Adelaide Hills is now home to some of Australia's pre-eminent wineries - testiment to Petaluma's early vision, willingness to focus properly on the 'Distinguished Vineyards' philosophy and long term commitment to the key three regions that are the foundation of Petaluma's heritage and breeding as one of Australia's leading wineries.