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Tote Wines

Tote Wines

The Tote Wines premium range comes in an easy to chill, easy to carry, a 1.5L pouch that gives you the flexibility to enjoy great wine on any adventure and on any occasion. Perfect for camping, hiking, boating and for everything in between, Tote Wines pouches eliminate the risk and weight associated with glass bottles, all without compromising on the quality of wine that you expect. Our flexible pouches have a shelf life of up to twelve months prior to opening and will keep your wine fresh for four weeks once opened. That means you can enjoy a single glass, add it to your favourite recipe or switch from white to red without worrying about wastage. Our wines are vegan and vegetarian-friendly and our pouches create a carbon footprint one-fifth the size of a glass bottle during the manufacturing process.

Region:Barossa Valley & Eden Valley

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