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High Alcohol Wines (Above 15%)

Always the first choice when it comes to partying with friends, high alcohol wines also make for great gifts. Any wine containing over 15% ABV is categorised as a high alcohol wine. The highest alcohol wines may have around 20-22%. These are generally produced using fortification or natural methods. The most alcoholic wines are fortified. This method involves the addition of a neutral spirit (Mostly distilled grape brandy) to increase the alcohol content in the final product. The latter, i.e., the natural method is not widely used. It calls for all the natural sugar in the must to get converted into alcohol during the process of fermentation. Thus, grapes that enjoy a longer maturation period are considered perfect for these wines. (This is because riper grapes mean higher concentration of sugar.) That said, generally, yeast cannot sustain 15% or more ABV and hence, the highest alcohol content in wines produced using natural methods is usually no more than 16%. Barossa ValleyMcLaren Vale and Clare Valley are considered to be the best high alcohol red wine producing regions.

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High Alcohol Wines From Best Brands of Australia


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