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Gewurztraminer is a white wine grape that is known for producing some of the most aromatic wines in the whole world. The Gewurztraminer variety has an attractive pink coloured skin, with perfumed aromas and intense and spicy flavour characteristics. A mutation of the Traminer family of grapes, Gewurztraminer is considered to be a spiced up version of the Traminer grape variety, with its name literally translating to ‘spiced Traminer’. It is famous in some areas by its alternate names, Roter Traminer or Savagnin Rose.

The most notable Gewurztraminer wines are generally produced in the Pfalz region of Alsace, with the grapes growing in the reputed Grand Cru vineyards. This region possesses rich and nutritious clay soils, which allow for the production of dry and full-bodied Gewurztraminer wines. Although Alsace is usually regarded as the spiritual home of the Gewurztraminer variety, it is not its ancestral home and doesn’t even account for more than one-fifth of the region’s vineyards.

Gewurztraminer wines generally vary in shades of yellow, with light green tinges noticeable throughout the wine. These wines can have a pale yellow colour, or even be bright yellow hued, depending on the style in which the wine has been created. The luscious and elegant nose exhibits remarkable fragrances of rose petal, lychee, Turkish delight, perfume and juicy fruits. The intense and structured palate has a strong texture and low acidity and is filled with stone fruit flavours of peach, apricot and mango, coupled with notes of spicy characters like cinnamon and ginger. Gewurztraminer wines are an absolute delight when consumed with dishes like pannacotta, crayfish laksa and stir-fried pork served with pickled plum.

The Gewürztraminer variety is a beloved grape in many regions now. It is being cultivated in New Zealand, Italy, Hungary, Australia and Germany and a few other small wine regions. These areas produce some of the most celebrated white wines which reflect the true nature and characteristics of the Gewürztraminer variety.

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