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Burgundy region is the place where the Pinot Gris wine grape variety was initially cultivated. This fruit is a pink-skinned mutation of Pinot Noir, both of which are members of the extended Pinot grape family. One might not be able to distinguish between the two until the Pinot Gris (white wine grape variety) matures to take on a distinctive colour which can range from pink-orange to pale or musty purple. The word ‘Gris’ in French stands for ‘grey’, signifying that these grapes display a light greyish tinge. Although the aromas and flavour profile may vary when produced in different regions, there are some common features portrayed by most Pinot Gris wines. It typically showcases green apple, pear, stone fruit and sweet spice characteristics that are accompanied by hints of smoke or wet wool. A winemaker may also carry out MLF and ageing on lees in order to attain complex characteristics. An early-to-market varietal, Pinot Gris generally have low acidity and high sugar content. Thus, cool-climate Pinot Gris wines are considered to be the finest, as they are able to retain higher acidity levels as opposed to warmer climate wines that lack both acidity and structure.

While France along with the US remain its largest producers, the amount of Pinot Gris harvested in Australia accounts for 7% of the production worldwide. Browse through our premium collection that is sure to please you with the reasonable Pinot Gris prices.