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Grown mostly throughout Portland, the Verdelho grape variety is a yellow-skinned varietal which has a long history on the island of Madeira. Verdelho has a crisp aromatic profile, containing spicy and leafy undertones. In the Old World regions, the Verdelho variety displays stone fruit and apricot fragrances while in the Australian wine regions, it showcases tropical fruit and citrus characters. Wines made from Verdelho fruit have a fresh and zesty liveliness to them along with portraying a great acidic character. Verdelho wines created in New South Wales have a spicy touch to them while Verdelhos produced in Western Australia is known for their lime - cordial and honeysuckle notes. This wine varietal can also be called Verdello, Breval or Gouveio. Although it is typically produced as a varietal wine, many winemakers commonly blend Verdelho with Semillon and Chardonnay varieties. Salted cod, steak, asparagus and lemongrass dishes are some popular things to go with Verdelho wines.