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A James Halliday 4.5 star rated brand, Allinda Winery was established by Al and Linda Fencaros in the year 1990. The founder, Al Fencaros, belongs to a European family who migrated to Australia. The family has long been associated with the winemaking history, formerly producing wines in Hungary and Serbia. After migrating to the island country, Al’s father continued with the family tradition of winemaking that was followed by his son (The owner of Allinda Winery) Al Fencaros. Shortly after completing his studied in wine science, he started working as a winemaker in local wineries where he gathered rich experiences that eventually lead to the establishment of the Allinda wine label. Located in the Yarra Valley wine region, Allinda wines are a healthy blend of art and science featuring excellent texture and flavours that develop upon ageing. The brand believes in ensuring high-quality standards on the fields involving only biological methods of growing grapes. Produced in small parcels, Allinda Winery offers a range of handcrafted red and white wines that are exported to countries like China.