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Brancott Estate Wines

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The Brancott Estate was the first winery ever to plant, nurture and manufacture the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wine. This wine was such a revolutionary innovation that it changed the course of New Zealand’s wine industry. Although it was founded as Montana Wines in the year 1934, it changed its name to Brancott Estate as a tribute to the Brancott Vineyard – their original estate and vineyard in Marlborough. The estate is committed to the care and preservation of the land. Although the winery is situated in the Marlborough region, it also manufactures wines from other popular wine regions in New Zealand. These elegant and flavoursome wines are always among the best, loved and appreciated by wine - lovers the world over. Each Brancott Estate bottle is crafted with care and perfection, with the traditional, varietal and regional flavours all fusing together to provide a joyous experience to consumers.