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Norfolk Rise Wines

Norfolk Rise Wines
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Situated in the heart of Mount Benson on Limestone Coast Road, our Norfolk Rise Vineyard is planted on 180 hectares of undulating coastal hills. Within 5kms of the ocean at 37 degrees south of the equator and subject to approximately 660mm of rain per annum, our seven planted varieties are significantly influenced by the cooling sea breezes of the Southern Ocean and it’s associated climate.Completely surrounding our winemaking facility, our vineyards have been uncompromisingly planted to specifically suit each individual variety. Planted on our highest ridge, and dissecting the Vineyard, the defining visual impact of our Estate is 100 Norfolk Island Pines planted along a 500-metre ridge. Native to Australia, the Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) grows to over 200 feet in height providing an impressive and dominating influence over the surrounding landscape.