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GSM is a red wine produced by blending three grape varieties—Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre. A classic style, it has gained a worldwide popularity and is now commonly known by the acronym GSM wine. The three varieties, share the same homeland, the Meditterranean coast, and are widely produced in the southern parts of France. That said, its production has not been restricted to its birthplace and countries like Australia and the USA have been crafting fine examples that are a must try.

The Flavour Profile

When produced in France, GSM wine blend reveals spiced berries, and soft & rounded mouthfeel from Grenache, along with smoked meats, black pepper and olive tapenade of Shiraz. To this, Mourvèdre adds gamay and earthy notes, also giving the drink high colour pigments and tannins.

GSM wine Australia, on the contrary are fruity with abundant vanilla and chocolate notes from barrel aging. Down Under, it’s also often pronounced as SGM owing to the dominant role of Shiraz.