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Syrah Noir Wines


At first, many people doubt that Syrah - Pinot Noir wines would taste any good as it is quite an odd pairing. The Syrah variety is spicy, heavy and tannic whereas Pinot Noir grapes are lighter and more aromatically - expressive. Balancing both these varieties together requires expertise and skill because Syrah can very easily overpower the more delicate Pinot Noir flavours. Fusing the two together is actually a great practice because Syrah is all about power – intense flavours, strong body and high alcohol while Pinot Noirs are light - bodied and food - friendly wines, elegantly - styled to deliver complex aromas and juicy flavours. The resultant blend that is created using these two varieties can maintain the aromatic grace of Pinots along with delivering the delicious mouth feel and fruit - forwardness of Syrah wines. Pan - fried tofu, braised rabbit with spices, and grilled venison fillet with plum chutney are some dishes that match readily with Syrah - Noir blends.