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Believed to have originated in Spain, the Mourvedre grape variety, also called Monastrell or Mataro is a black - skinned variety that has been a part of the wine industry of the Western Mediterranean for centuries. This grape variety favours warm and dry climates and has small and thick-skinned berries that usually suggest the creation of highly tannic and intensely - coloured wines. The nose exhibits herby and meaty aromas of violet, rose and plum while the dry palate showcases flavours of blueberry, plum, blackberry, black pepper and meat, coupled with subtle notes of smoke and gravel. The juice is subjected to medium to long ageing in oak barrels which results in a tannic, acidic and crisp finish. Pair Mourvedre wines with pork shoulders, lamb, rabbit, veal, pork sausages and barbeque for non - vegetarian food lovers and wild rice, lentils, shiitake/portobello mushrooms for pure vegetarian people.