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Chenin Blanc Wines

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The Chenin Blanc wine is made of Chenin blanc grape variety that originated in the Loire Valley of France. This grape variety has a high acidic content, meaning that it can be used to make anything from zesty sparkling wines to balanced dessert wines. Wines made with the Chenin Blanc grape variety mostly exhibit baked apple, apple, bruised apple, pineapple, passion fruit, apricot, mango, nectarine, lemon, mandarin orange, honeydew melon and tangerine aromas. The exquisite fruit - driven palates display fresh flavours of ginger, honey, honey comb, saffron, orange blossom, burnt sugar, caramel, sake, apple blossom, cheese rind, hay and coleslaw. These primary fruit flavours need to be kept in check and for that underlying oak characters of butterscotch, baked apple, meringue, buttered popcorn, sweet almond, lemon curd and nutmeg can be added to the wine. Chenin Blanc wines work well with chicken, smoked salmon, cinnamon, clove, carrot, yam, apple and milk cheese dishes, all of which enhance the taste and body of the wine.