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Nero D’Avola Wines

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Sicily’s Nero d’Avola is a medium-bodied red wine welcomed by Australian winemakers due to its natural affinity with the warmest wine regions. Known for its superbly bold fruit-driven flavours ranging from black cherry to prune, Nero D’Avola is high in tannins. The beauty of this wine lies in the fact that it retains its acidity in extreme heat, which is like a blessing for the warm climate winemakers, who manage to craft a red with refreshing acidity, that is beautifully balanced. The acidity of this wine moves from lemon tartness to greek yogurt’s creaminess. The bold fruit flavours of this wine go best with rich meats, oxtail soup, beef stew, and BBQ burgers with bacon. It also goes well with spices like anise, orange rind, bay leaf, sage, cocoa powder, Asian plum sauce, and coffee. You can order Nero d’Avola red wine online with great offers and discounts. Enjoy it best with friends and family.

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