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Zinfandel Wines

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The Zinfandel grape variety is a red wine grape that is black in colour. It was introduced in Italy in the 18th century and is genetically equivalent to the Primitivo grape variety grown in Italy’s Apulia region. Although the grapes typically produce a robust and rich deep red - hued wine, a varietal Rose by the name of White Zinfandel is a beloved favourite of wine - lovers in the USA. The wines produced from these grapes are peppery, spicy and fruit - driven with flavours of raspberry, blackberry, black cherry, black plum, raisin, cranberry jam and apricot filling up the palate. Mesmerizing fragrances of smoke, black cardamom, star anise, black pepper and liquorice flow up from the nose, supported by oak characters of nutmeg, coconut and vanilla oak. Pair Zinfandel wines with hard cow and sheep cheeses, cocoa, vanilla, curry, quail, bacon, turkey, peach, beets, fennel and ham dishes to enjoy a delicious and scrumptious meal.