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One of the most-popular variety of France, Marsanne white wine was originated in the Rhône Valley region. Widely grown in the home country, it is also harvested in Switzerland (Known as Ermitage here), Australia and the United States. Marsanne wine typically flaunts a great weight and structure along with a richness of colour. The drink reveals flavours and aromas of white peaches, pears, honeydew melon, roasted nuts, spices and flowers. As the varietal ages, it may develop a deep colour and complex flavours. The food-friendly white is available in both dry and sweet styles. Usually, a sweet Marsanne is made using the method called Vin de Paille or straw wine. In this, the grapes are dried in sun on straw mats, resulting in a concentrated and sweet juice for winemaking. Seafood, chicken, pork and Asian cuisines are some of the suggested Marsanne wine food pairings.  

Marsanne wine in Australia was first planted in the 1860s in South Australia and Victoria. At present, the island country prides to house of the oldest Marsanne vines in the Nagambie Lakes (A subregion) of Victoria. Sourced from these premium regions, our collection includes some of the best examples of this varietal. Buy Marsanne wine online and relish the taste of Rhône Valley wine at your doorstep!